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Flik Flak

Flik Flak watches

Flik Flak was launched in 1987 as Swatch's children's watch brand and has since become the best-known watch brand for children in the world. The watches are ideal for both boys and girls: they are Swiss-made, easy to read because of the clear difference between hours and minutes (also for children who are still learning how to tell the time) and perfectly resistant to rough treatment. A Flik Flak watch can therefore easily handle a trip to the playground or a play session in the sandbox. In addition, Flik Flak has series based on popular themes with just the right look.

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A perfect Flik Flak watch for both boys and girls

Flik Flak watches are known for their cheerful colours, popular themes and cosy prints. For both boys and girls, there is a suitable watch to be found. How about a cool blue Spiderman Flik Flak watch, or a watch full of dinosaurs? If you like it a bit sweeter, you can also find pink models with rabbits or unicorns in our collection. Are you afraid that you often have to change the watch band because of damage or dirt? This is not necessary at all! The models with a textile band are easily washable in the washing machine (at 40 degrees, in a sock), so they last a long time.

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