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Hamilton watches

Hamilton watches are a true American classic, made in Switzerland. From their foundation in 1892 Hamilton has stood at the forefront of modern watch manufacturing. Today Hamilton brings us high quality Swiss Made watches with designs rooted in the brand’s heritage. From iconic aviator watches to modern digital technology and distinctive eye catchers made for Hollywood’s silver screen.


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A brief history of Hamilton watches

The Hamilton Watch Company was founded in Lancaster, USA in 1892. Their first series of (pocket) watches were meant to deliver accurate timekeeping for the railroad community. By the 1930s, Hamilton was the official watch of the American Military and several commercial airlines. From the 1950s, Hamilton watches have featured regularly on the wrists of Hollywood actors. From the iconic, world’s first electric watch Ventura, as worn by Elvis Presley,  to several modern day actors such as Mat Damon in the Ridley Scott movie The Martian. Since Hamilton is a subsidiary of the Swatch Group with headquarters in Biel Switzerland, all Hamilton watches are Swiss made.

Aviation heritage

Hamilton has an aviation heritage dating back to 1919 which is still visible in the current collection. The brand is timekeeper of several international aviation events. This is not surprising considering the brand’s long association with both the military and commercial airlines. Nicolas Ivanoff, the leading French aerobatic pilot is a Hamilton Brand  ambassador.

Made for the movies

Moviemaking is similar to watchmaking: In order to inspire the audience, a meticulous attention to technical and styling is crucial. Hamilton is constantly working closely with the world’s leading directors, costume designers, prop masters and screenwriters to find or create the perfect timepiece to enrich and shape the character wearing it, supporting his or her role and individual identity. For over sixty years Hamilton watches have appeared in more than 450 Hollywood productions in all genres. Pictures as diverse as Die Hard, Ocean’s Eleven, Interstellar, Men In Black, Spider-Man 2, Hairspray, Legally Blonde, and Blue Hawaii to dramas such as A Beautiful Mind  and The Martian. The brand also host their own annual Behind the Camera movie awards.

Modified Swiss movements

Hamilton watch movements are developed in collaboration with Swiss movement manufacturer ETA. Standard ETA movements are modified especially for Hamilton to improve the watches’ performance and style. Decorations are added that enhance the brand’s personality in visible movements.

The Hamilton watch collection

The Hamilton watch collection is divided into two collections:

  • American Classic
  • Khaki

Hamilton American Classic Collection

The American Classic Collection comprises three lines (Jazzmaster, Timeless Classic and Ventura) that express the true American spirit. These watches are based on the shape and character of classic Hamilton models, but with a modern style and functionality. Some of the original watches that inspired this collection  date back as far as the 1920s and are well established as design icons.

Hamilton Khaki Collection

The Khaki Collection also comprises three lines that represent the long relationship betrween Hamilton watches and the military (Navy, Aviation and Field). The word Khaki originates from the Hindu for earth or dust and has long been the colour of uniforms. The current Khaki watches in the Hamilton collection are direct descendants of their forerunners that served the armed forces in both world wars. The Hamilton Navy Line watches are water resistant up to 1000 metres! (100 ATM).

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