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Jacob Jensen Classic

Jacob Jensen watches

They say there is a time for everything but some things are simply timeless. The award-winning Danish brand Jacob Jensen embodies this statement. More than twenty-five years ago the brand introduced its very first watches: the Jacob Jensen Classic 510 and 520. These watches are still the source of inspiration for the extraordinary Jacob Jensen watch collection of today, which radiates simplicity and power. Contrasts of light and dark, simple lines and shapes: all we need is less

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Buying a Jacob Jensen watch


If you choose to buy a Jacob Jensen watch, the choice is enormous because of the broad variety. Both for men and for women. The great thing is that, no matter how different the models are, design lovers will recognize the brand no matter what. The variation comes mainly from the different lines such as the Curve, Strata and Dimension, which are made from the finest materials such as titanium, stainless steel, rubber, leather and sapphire crystal. Despite the variation, the quality is always incredibly reliable. The quartz movement is made by Swiss suppliers such as ETA and Ronda, so you can be sure that your watch will keep ticking without any hiccups for many years. In addition, almost all Jacob Jensen watches are unisex, which makes the choice even greater (and more difficult). Silver, gold, brown, black or maybe red - every preference is taken into account. Have you picked your favorite Jacob Jensen model yet?

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