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Jaguar Watches

Let's make it right away clear: The Swiss watch brand Jaguar has nothing to do with the UK car brand...
Actually the watch brand is older than the car brand, it is founded in 1938 by Peter Haas.
With the name Jaguar he wanted to bring the emotion of looking at a jaguar over to the bearer of his watches. The seemingly  effortless strength, speed and beauty of the jaguar makes this animal the queen of the savannah. 

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Jaguar watches

Buying a Jaguar watch

If you go for a Jaguar timepiece, you are choosing a relatively affordable watch of Swiss quality. The price of a Jaguar watch can set you back a few hundred euros, which is nonetheless a reasonable price for a Swiss Made watch. Affordability and quality is precisely what the brand stands for. The models in the Jaguar collection range from silver, gold and bicolor models to watches with a brown or black leather strap. In addition, you can choose from both quartz and automatic watches, as well as hybrid watches. Which Jaguar watch will find its home on your wrist?

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