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Scuderia Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari watches

Ferrari S.p.A is an Italian sports car manufacturer, founded in 1921 by Enzo Ferrari as Scuderia Ferrari (Literally: Ferrari Racing Stables). The company with the prancing horse logo has a inimitable Formula 1 history and reputation. The cars radiate speed and Italian luxury. These characteristics are reflected in the watch designs; Typical Ferrari colours red and black, classic Italian style and modern design.

Scuderia Ferrari history

Not everyone can afford a Ferrari car on their drive, but the Ferrari watches are fortunately a lot more affordable. The look of these watches is sporty, but they retain their Italian design class. The colour red, or the rossa corsa, is the colour of Italian motorsport and omnipresent in this watch collection.

Most people know Ferrari as the producers of fast cars and Formula 1. This is where the story of  Ferrari started. In 1929  Enzo Ferrari founded the Scuderia Ferrari brand. Scuderia means racing stable  in Italian. This was the name of the Formula 1 racing team.

The history of Ferrari watches started some twenty years later. In 1950 Enzo Ferrari bought six watches to give as a gift. This reminded him of his childhood when he was given a watch by his family when he reached a milestone.
In the 70s the first range of Ferrari watche was producedto be given away as gifts, keeping the Ferrari family tradition intact. In 1983, the ball really started to roll as a range of new Ferrari watches were produced for the consumer market.

Enzo Ferrari

The founder of Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari was born on February 18, 1898 in Modena, Italy. At age 21 he began racing at CMN, later he joined the racing team of Alfa Romeo and founded his own team; Scuderia Ferrari. Until 1971 Enzo Ferrari remained managing director, but his influence has never gone out of business. In 1988 he passed away. As a tribute, a new model Ferrari was named after him in 2002; The Ferrari Enzo.

Unique racing watches

Unique to the Ferrari watches is that racing style elements have been incorporated into the design. For example, some watch straps to 'real' rubber tires and you can spot a checkered flag pattern on the dial. Also some watches look like a dashboard with a rev counter and certain models contain a tachymeter. This is to measure the speed of a passing object completely in style with the philosophy of Ferrari.

Our Ferrari watch collection

The Ferrari watch collection consists of luxury chronographs, watches with classic Italian style and watches with a luxurious and modern design. The Italian "racing red" occurs in many watches, but the colours black and yellow  from the Ferrari logo are typical for the collection.
The Ferrari logo symbolizes speed, fearlessness and strength. This is what the watch collection also aims to represents. The watches are made of the best materials and exhude speed and luxury - like a Ferrari car.
A car is a status symbol for many men, and so are watches. This is what the watch collection from Scuderia Ferrari can offer; a watch that suits your personality and aspirations.

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Scuderia Ferrari is a luxury sports watch brand with a modest but fast collection of over 25 different watches. Do you wish to refine your search? Then select colour, material and price range at the top of this page. Or use our WatchFinder to search for similar watches.