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Swatch Sistem 51 watches

Swatch writes history with the SISTEM51 watches. The SISTEM51 contains the world's first mechanical movement that consists of only 51 parts, instead of the usual 91. All the components are connected by one screw and there are fewer moving parts. These watches are Swiss Made, innovative, with pure craftsmanship and are at an affordable price for everyone!

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About Swatch SISTEM51 watches

The Swatch SISTEM51 watches have started a mechanical revolution in the world of watches. The first collection of SISTEM51 watches was presented in 2013 during the 30th anniversary of Swatch. The Swatch SISTEM51 watches prove that they are one of the most innovative watch manufacturers in the world.
Because the Swatch SISTEM51 watches consist of 51 parts, it is possible that the watches are produced by the means of a fully automatic process. Other mechanical watches are still made by hand. This makes this development very special.
The movement of the watches is completely visible at the back of the watch case. Also, each movement has a different design, because the various components of the movement can be provided with certain prints and colours. This makes the watch even more exciting at the back and the design possibilities for the designers is endless.
A battery in these watches is not necessary, because the watches are automatic. This means that the watches have a 'self-winding' mechanism. With the movement of the wrist, the rotor will be driven and winded. The watches have a power reserve of 90 hours. When you don’t happen to wear the watch for a while, the watch will still work for almost four days. 

Our collection of Swatch SISTEM51 watches

Our collection SISTEM51 watches consists of both ladies and men’s watches. Almost all watches have a silicone band, but there are models that do have a leather strap.
In general, the colours are fairly basic with a little sparkling colour detail, but you can also find brightly coloured watches in this collection, such as pink, orange and green. Some striking details provide the uniqueness of these watches. Thus, on the dial of the SISTEM PINK (SUTR401) you can see a cosmic atom composition, while you see a honeycomb on the back of the watch. 
The SISTEM BLUE (SUTS401) dial shows a galaxy. The six red dots show where the 19 rubies - that serve as bearings - sitting on the movement. On the back you can see the pattern that seems infinitely. 
The striking SISTEM GREEN (SUTB400) shows that the contrast between petrol green and bright orange fits perfectly. The dial is brushed in a sunburst pattern and therefore is very special, just like the back that represents the sunrise.
SISTEM CREAM (SUTM400) has a clean, graphic design. The watch has a leather strap that has a rubbery texture to it. The back of the watch is studded with playful dots that will make you think of the infinite stars in space.
You get a sporty look with the SISTEM INCOGNITO (SUTR400). The strap has a camouflage print which provides an extra cool effect. The inside of the strap is ribbed, making the watch stay in place better and increasing the comfort.

Buy Swatch SISTEM51 watches online

These are just a few models from the revolutionary SISTEM51 collection from Swatch. See the entire collection, find the watch that suits you and order it online.