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Diving watches are available in different degrees of waterproofness. So it's very important to ask yourself in advance what exactly you want to (be able to) do with the watch. For example, if you love the style of diving watches, but only want to be able to swim, then a water resistance of 10 ATM/BAR is usually sufficient. If you really want to go diving with your diving watch, it has to be able to withstand a water pressure of 20 ATM/BAR. For scuba diving 50 ATM or higher is advised. Once you have made your choice, you can go for a diving watch from brands like Seiko, Citizen and EDOX. Both for men and women we have beautiful, qualitative and practical diving watches in our collection.

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Specifications and maintenance of diving watches

When you are looking for a diving watch, there are some specifications that you should take into account. Besides the water resistance, which, as mentioned before, has to be at least 20 ATM/BAR, also the material and strength of the case is important. Make sure that the case is sufficiently water (pressure) resistant and can resist the corrosiveness of seawater. That is why the case of a diving watch is often made of stainless steel, carbon or titanium. Also the glass has to be suitable for diving. Diving watches therefore often have relatively thick (curved) glasses to increase the pressure resistance of the watch and improve the readability underwater. Finally, most diving watches have a screw-down crown to prevent water from entering the case.
Once you own a diving watch, it is important to maintain it properly. Rinse the watch with fresh water every time the watch has been in contact with seawater, to prevent salt deposits. In addition, most manufacturers recommend to have the watch tested for water resistance and to replace the ring every two to five years.

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