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Casio Kids

Casio children’s watches have the same look as regular Casio watches but these watches have been specially made for children. The collection consists of cool analog watches and digital watches for both boys and girls.

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Casio children's watches

Casio children's watches have the high quality that you would expect from Casio. This is also very important for children's watches because they should be able to take a beating. All the watches are at least 5 ATM water resistant. So getting them wet is no problem. Some watches (10 ATM) are even suitable for swimming.

There are also watches with a watch glass globe. This increases the stability and resistance to pressure. Children can therefore just simply be a 'child' with these Casio children's watches. They can run around during football and climb up into the highest tree. All of this is no problem for a child with a Casio children's watch.

Our collection Casio children's watches

Our collection of Casio children's watches consists of watches for both boys and girls. The watches can be divided into two categories: analog and digital watches. Children can then choose how they prefer to read the time. The watches have a sturdy and sporty look, with an occasional playful (colour) detail, like a pink border. There are also Casio children's watches with plastic and metal straps available.

Various functions on Casio children's watches

The Casio children's watches also have many different functions. Not every feature is the same on every watch, therefore, take a good look at the information about every watch. It also makes a difference whether you have an analog or digital watch. We have highlighted some possible functions below:

LED lighting / Neo-display

The LED lighting is used to illuminate the watch display. The hands and indexes glow in the dark on the Neo-display. It should "charge" its function by the means of any light source.

Second-time zone

Setting a second-time-zone is very easy when you, for example, are on vacation where there are hour differences. So you can easily switch between the time zone there and the time zone back in your own country.

Stopwatch function

With a stopwatch function, you can measure the exact duration of an action extremely precisely. For example, a footrace.


Set a time when you want the watch to emit an alarm. This will help to remind yourself of certain things you need to do, like homework.


It has five different alarm functions, such as a smart alarm, daily alarm, date alarm, monthly alarm and an alarm for a specific day of the month.

Snooze function

The snooze function is the same as the snooze function in an alarm clock or on your phone. After a certain time, the alarm will go off again.

Automatic calendar

The calendar only needs to be set once and then the correct date is always shown.

Casio shows again that they are one of the largest in the field of technology and innovation in the watch world. These Casio watches are mainly for children and teenagers who love gadgets. Specially designed for children, but absolutely not to mention childish.

Buy Casio children's watches online

Casio watches children are easy to order online. They are nice to give for a child's birthday, a communion or on Christmas.

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