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Men's quartz watches

Quartz watches for men

A quartz watch for men. What kind of watch is this? Quartz watches were the first watches that used electricity. With a battery, electrical voltage is sent to 'quartz crystals' that are incorporated into the movement. This voltage causes the crystals to vibrate, after which these vibrations are transmitted to the timing mechanism. Because the quartz crystals always vibrate at the same frequency, only one movement per second is transmitted. You can therefore be sure that if you choose a quartz men's watch, it is extremely precise.

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Different quartz watches for men

Quartz watches for men are available in different colors, materials and from different brands. We have quartz watches from brands such as Michael Kors, Edox, Casio, Davis and Fossil in our assortment. Whether you're looking for a quartz men's watch with brown leather band or a complete gold model, you've come to the right place.

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