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Nato watch bands are not only something of recent times, they have been used by the British army for years. This is because this type of watch (band) with springs is attached to the watch case, so that a nato band cannot accidentally come loose from the wrist. Extremely suitable for military operations! In daily life, a nato band also has a lot of advantages. For example, this type of watch band is made of a woven nylon that does not stretch when it gets wet and also dries quickly. In addition, the wearing comfort is high - the nato band contains no hard parts and fits smoothly on the wrist - and it is quick and easy to get clean.

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Different types of nato watch bands

Nato watch bands are available in different band widths, colours and materials. For example, we have bands of 20 mm and 24 mm in our range, made of materials such as leather and textiles. Please note the difference in band mount. For example, there are bands available with and without straight band mounts. Can't see the wood for the trees anymore and do you find it difficult to find the right one that fits your current watch? Follow the steps in our watch band finder and find your perfect nato watch band easily and quickly.

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