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Chronograph watches

A chronograph watch. May sound very familiar, but what is it exactly? A chronograph watch is a special type of watch with which you can not only read the time, but which also has an additional stopwatch function. However, not all chronographs are the same, they differ in complexity. A simple chronograph watch has an independent seconds hand that can be started, stopped and reset to zero by a successive push of a button. More complex chronographs have multiple independent hands to measure seconds, minutes, hours and even tenths of seconds. In addition, many modern chronographs have a movable bezel with tachymeter for quick calculations of speed or distance. And this is not all! After all, there are both analogue and digital chronographs. Are you getting dizzy already?

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Buying a chronograph watch

Within our range of chronograph watches you will find brands such as Diesel, Pulsar and Casio Edifice. Although the majority of our watches are men's chronograph watches, we also carry chronograph watches for women. This does not have to mean that a ladies chronograph watch is big and sporty. In many cases, this type of watch for women is actually finer built because of the narrower wrist. So you can benefit from the functions, but you do not have the coarse design.

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