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Bulova watches

Bulova watches

Bulova watches have been known since 1875 for their precision, innovativeness and the wide range of models, where the focus is mainly on accuracy. Bulova's best-known model is the Accutron, a precursor of the quartz watch and marketed in 1960. Special about this model at that time was the fact that energy was obtained by means of a battery and that it was ticking much faster than a traditional watch. This resulted in a previously impossible deviation (and thus more precision). The Accutron disappeared a little more into the background when the advantageous quartz watches from the Far East came on the market. Nowadays it is a popular vintage model.

The successor to the Accutron is the Precisionist, an extremely accurate quartz watch that can be used as a diving watch due to its high water resistance. One of the features of this model is the sliding seconds hand instead of the ticking seconds hand. This is normally a characteristic of an automatic watch and therefore so special! Besides the Precisionist we also have the Marine Star and the Curv in our collection. Especially the Bulova Curv is a striking model - the chronograph with curved case fits perfectly on your wrist.

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Bulova’s roots go all the way back to New York, 1875. This luxury American brand was founded by Joseph Bulova who had come to the United States from the Czech Republic. From the get-go Bulova was a pioneer in the field of technology. The company made wristwatches available to soldiers during the First World War. A few decades later, in 1950, Bulova produced the first ever clock radio. This proved to be just the beginning of more innovation to come. After 1950 Bulova also created the first electronic watch: the Accutron.

Today Bulova continues to breathe innovation and luxury. Unlike the olden days, Bulova watches are made in Switzerland now. These Swiss Made watches are synonymous to quality and prestige. Whether you're looking for an elegant Quartz ladies watch or a tough automatic men's watch, there is plenty of choice.

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