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Meistersinger watches

Manfred Brassler founded Meistersinger in 2001. Brassler wanted to make top quality watches with the unique selling point that the watch only needs to do what it needs to do: tell time in the purest form. So who needs a second hand? Who needs a minute hand? Just an hour hand, that’s all a watch needs. At first you think this is not possible. But by designing the dial in a special way, you will see it actually works. Brassler did it, he made the watch with just one single hand and it actually works and looks amazing. 

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Watches or better said clocks with one hand are the base of telling time. The very first “time telling machine” is the sun dial which has only one hand. The oldest sundial we know is about 3500 years old. The first mechanical clock was invented in 8th Century China. The first European mechanical clock dates from the 12th Century. These European clocks used to have one hand showing the time. It’s these clocks that gave Brassler his idea of making a watch with just one single hand.
When you decide to become part of the Meistersinger world you will find that reading time on a single hand watch is not difficult. You choose to let go of that exact minute, that exact second. That’s not so important in life. Time is relative. Time is there to be enjoyed with the right people, the right things, the right watch…
The first Meistersinger watches were quartz watches, but in the current collection the quartz collection is just a first step into the world of Meistersinger. As the watches only have one single hand the amount of time the manufacturer spends on detailing their watches is enormous.
The dials are very precise with a lot of small details. Sun brushed dials, striped dials, raised indices. Everything to make a Meistersinger special. What not many people know is that the brand Meistersinger is 100% German, but the watches are 100% Swiss made. The design department and sales department are located in Münster Germany, but the factory is located in Switzerland.
Our collection of Meistersinger is divided in two groups:

Single Hand Watches

Meistersinger in its purest form. Swiss made. One single hand. Mechanical automatic or Mechanical hand wind. These watches will strike you with their simplicity, but you will find that the factory has spent a lot of time on the details and the movements are very intricate. The Salthora watches for example are marvels of technology!

Single Hand watches with extra functions

Meistersinger has sought to add details to their minimalist watches such as the date, or a second time zone. They do this in their typical Meistersinger way, with loads of eye for detail. Eye for detail on the movement and eye for details on the case and dial. That’s what make a Meistersinger so special.