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Edox Watches

Christian Ruefli-Flury founded the brand Edox in 1884.
Christian was a watch maker by profession and made a beautiful pocket watch for the 25th birthday of his wife.
She was so impressed that she convinced her husband to start his own watch making company.
He came up with the name Edox  as this means "Measuring Of Time" in the Greek language. 

Popular search terms: Delfin en Skydiver.

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Edox watch history

The Edox logo

The logo of Edox is a symbol that you may not recognise right away, but when we tell you it's an hourglass I bet you say: "Ahhhh". The hourglass stands for a timelessness that can be said of the designs used by Edox ever since the foundation of the company.

Edox in the 50's

In the 50's Edox is at its peak with over 500 watch makers producing time pieces. Every watch was assembled by hand!

Edox in the 60's

In 1961 Edox introduced a watch that is still being produced today: The Delfin. It was extra shock resistant and thanks to extra protective gaskets the watch was water-resistant to 500 meters.
This watch was a novelty in those days and made the brand world famous.

The 90's: Les Bémonts

In 1998 Edox has set a world record with the thinnest watch with date.
The movement of the “Les Bémonts Ultra Slim” has a thickness of only 1.4mm a record that still stands today.

Edox partners

Partnerships with Koenigsegg, Class-1 World Powerboat Championship, WRC Championship, Dakar etc have made the brand known world wide.

Edox watch collections

The brand has two major lines:

Sporting Instruments

This collection will show the watches that fit with the sports style as set with the partners.

Style and Elegance

In these lines you will find classic and elegant styles that will fit with a classic, a chic and a sophisticated dress style.