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Quality and focus on details are the main features of all watches by Hugo Boss, whether you choose the functional fashion sense of HUGO or the striking subtlety of BOSS. The (dress) watches in the BOSS line are businesslike, subtle in design and color and therefore more suitable to wear during formal occasions. HUGO watches are both functional and fashionable. This line distinguishes itself from the BOSS line with its sensible and casual design. Whether you are looking for a businesslike, casual, eye-catching or subtle watch - both collections ensure that there is a suitable HUGO, or BOSS watch for every occasion and desire.

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Luxurious materials, detail & quality

What is characteristic for the watches of HUGO, BOSS and Boss Orange, is the use of luxurious materials. When you buy a watch of this brand, you may assume that it will last for a long time. You can choose a watch with a steel band and stainless steel case - robust and timeless. When you prefer a classic watch, a brown or black leather watch band might be more suitable. When you are a sporty type, take a look at the HUGO collection for a watch with a white or black silicone band.

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