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Diesel, a brand that initially became known mainly for its stylish and sporty jeans, but later also for its tough watches. And not only when you are looking for a tough watch you can indulge yourself with the collection of Diesel, the brand also has elegant and business watches in its assortment. From digital watches to chronographs and Diesel On smartwatches, from men's watches to women's watches - the range is so varied that chances are you will find your perfect Diesel watch. And the great thing is that every Diesel watch has its own character.

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Our Diesel collection is divided into three different categories: Diesel Classic, Diesel XL and Diesel On. In the Classic line you will find (men's) watches that form the base of the complete Diesel Watch collection. Among others the Master Chief, Rasp and Griffed models can be found here, where the diameter can vary from 35 to 50 millimeters. If you are looking for a coarse and large watch, then the Diesel XL line is definitely something for you. Here you will find watches with a diameter of 45 millimeters or more, including the popular model Mega Chief. Finally, if you like technical gadgets and keeping track of your performance, then the Diesel On line is perfect. The smartwatches in this line have exactly the look and feel you are used to from Diesel, only with a touchscreen and many extra features.

Whether you prefer a gold, silver, red, grey or black watch with a leather or steel band, every wish and style has been thought of - for both men and women. Which model is your favorite?

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