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MVMT watches

MVMT stands for 'Movement', because the brand has become big by making contact with their target group through social media, and listening carefully to their wishes. MVMT also works with various influencers and designers. This keeps the style of MVMT watches fresh and up-to-date. With a MVMT watch you have a finger on the pulse of the latest trends.

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A MVMT watch: a modern accessory with minimalist design 

The founders of the American watch brand from Los Angeles are still young guys in their twenties when they notice that their friends do not need a watch at all. They check the time on their phone. What a watch is for these young people is a trendy accessory. That is why Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante decided in 2013 to start a new accessory brand that is in line with the perception of their own generation. That use of the internet is self-evident for these guys should not surprise anyone. With crowdfunding the first capital is brought in and through sophisticated social media campaigns the brand grows. As they say: "What started with a watch, became a movement".

Social Media and collaborations

From the very beginning of the brand, it is very active on social media, especially Instagram. MVMT collaborates with various well-known creatives. One of them is video director Sam Kolder, who wears a MVMT watch when traveling around the world. His experiences are an important part of the lifestyle experience that MVMT propagates.