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Watch bands
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This is how you change a watch band

Replacing the band or bracelet of your watch yourself is very easy once you know how to do it! Below we explain step-by-step what the different attachments of watch bands are and how you can change your watch band yourself.

How to change a watch band?

Before you start replacing your watch band, you need to know how the band is attached to the watch. The three most common mount types are: easy click pushpins, regular pushpins and steel pins.

Leather band with spring bars

Band with spring bars

Silicone band with easy click system

Steel bracelet with steel pin

Steel bracelet with steel pin

When you buy a watch or watch band from us, the product specifications always indicate the type of attachment of the watch strap. For example spring bars or steel pins.

Tools for replacing watch bands

 Which tools you need to replace your watch band also depend on the type of attachment: 
1 You do not need any tools to replace a watch band with an easy click system.

2 To replace a watch band with pushpins you need a strap changing tool with a 'fork'. 

3 To replace a watch band with steel pins, you need a strap changing tool with a pin. 
All the tools you need for maintaining your watch and replacing and shortening watch bands/bracelets can be found on our accessories page.

Band changing tool with 'fork'

Band adjustment tool

Band adjustment tool

Band changing tool with pin

Band changing tool with pin

Changing a watch band step-by-step instructions

Replacing a watch band with easy click pushpins 

1. Turn the watch, face up. 

2. Pull the catch of the band aside so that the pin is released and you can remove the strap from the lugs. 

3. Insert the pin of the replacement band into the lug and pull the catch back. 

4. Push the band between lugs until you feel the pin click into place.

Replacing a watch band with regular spring bars 

1. Turn the watch face up. 

2. Carefully pop out the pin by applying a little tension with the fork. By pressing it to the left, you will feel that it gives way. After this you can gently pull the watch band downwards, so that it comes loose. 

3. Remove the spring bar from your band and check whether it is still in good condition. Replace it when it no longer bounces or is damaged. This way you prevent you from losing your watch at a later time. Replacement spring bars can be found on our spring bars page 

4. Repeat the above steps for the other side, so that both strap halves are removed. 

5. Turn the watch face up again. 

6. Take the bar and gently push it through the new watch band. 

7. Place the spring bar in one of the holes in the case/lugs. 

8. While holding the watch band in place with your thumb, gently push the other side of the spring bar into the other hole with the fork. As a result, it is clamped and the band is held in place. 

9. Repeat the above steps for the other side. 

10. Check that the bars are secure by gently pulling the band.

Replacing a watch band with steel pins 

We recommend that you always have watch bracelets that are attached to the case with a steel pin replaced by the jeweler or watchmaker to prevent damage to the case. 

Shortening watch bracelets 

We explain how you can shorten a watch bracelet yourself on our page about shortening watch bracelets. 

Need help? 

If, despite these instructions, you are unable to change your watch band yourself, you can always contact us. We are happy to help!

Replacing a metal bracelet 

In principle, there is no difference between replacing a leather watch band and a metal bracelet. Steel watch bracelets often have a loose 'end link', which forms the connection between the case and the rest of the bracelet. The spring bar or pin then protrudes through the bracelet and end link into the lugs.

Steel bracelet with steel pin

Steel bracelet with steel pin

Bracelet with end link and spring bar

Bracelet with end link and spring bar

Replacing a Swatch watch band 

Replacing a  is done in a slightly different way because Swatch watches have their owSwatch watch bandn unique strap attachment. You can use a special Swatch strap changing tool for this. In the video below we show you exactly how to replace a Swatch watch band.

Swatch band changing tool

Swatch band changing tool

Replacing a NATO-band 

To replace a NATO-band, you usually don't have to loosen any pins because the strap goes under the strap pins. In the video below we show you how to replace a NATO-band.

Replacing a watch band attached with screws 

You need good tools to replace a watch band that is attached to the case with screws. Special screwdrivers for watches can be found on our accessories page.

Leather band with saddle screw

Leather band with saddle screw

Mesh bracelet with screws

Mesh bracelet with screws

Replacing a buckle or clasp 

Do you want to replace the buckle of your watch band because it is broken, or because you prefer to put a different color or type of clasp on your watch band? Then you can do this following the same watch band replacement instructions as above. Are you looking for a replacement clasp for your watch band? Then take a look at our watch clasps page.

Want to change your watch’s band? Choose from more than 60 brands and universal watch bands 

Now that you know how easy it is to replace your watch band by yourself, you can get started. Tired of the color or style of your watch band? Or would you prefer a rubber band instead of a leather band? We sell watch bands for more than sixty brands. With our handy strap finder you will find the band that fits your watch in no time.


 Are you looking for a replacement band for a watch from a brand that we do not sell? Or do you want a special waterproof band or a band made of a special type of leather? In addition to branded bands, we carry a wide range of universal watch bands from top brands such as Hirsch, with which you can give your old watch a new look in no time at all.