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Dual time watches

Dual time or GMT watch

A dual time watch, also called a GMT watch by some people, is a watch with an additional face or (digital) window that indicates a second time zone. This type of watch is therefore particularly popular among travellers, as it allows the wearer to set a time zone similar to the time at home. The format of the second time zone is usually 24 hours instead of the standard 12, allowing the wearer to refer to a time zone that is more than 12 hours different from their own. Some dual time watches go a step further and feature more than two time zones in different dials and windows. Which one do you prefer?

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Buying a dual time watch

Dual time watches are available for both women and men from brands such as Citizen, Casio Edifice and G-Shock. Although this type of watch may sound very advanced, this does not mean that it necessarily has to be a big and bulky watch. For example, Citizen has very classic dual time watches in the collection, which also can be worn perfectly with a suit. Do you prefer coarse, then the collection of G-Shock is definitely worth watching. Dual time watches from this brand are super cool and can also take a beating. The ideal combination if you ask us.

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