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Minimalist watches

Are you looking for a timeless and elegant watch without too much fuss? Then a minimalist watch might be the perfect option. Minimalist watches are known for their neutral design, beautiful materials and shape. And all that without anything too much. For example, only abstract and mathematical shapes such as rectangles and circles are used and the time will be read by means of dashes on the dial (or even without!) instead of numbers or letters. Not surprisingly, minimalist watches are also called "clean faces".

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Buying a timeless minimalist watch

When you take a look at our collection of minimalist watches, you'll quickly see that a large part of the brands are Scandinavian brands like Jacob Jensen, Skagen and Danish Design. Both for men and women, the choice in minimalist watches within these brands is huge. Bering also has some very nice models in its collection. Whether you prefer a leather band or a silver mesh bracelet, a white dial or a blue one, a round case or a square one - the variety ensures that there is a model to suit your needs. Which minimalist watch will soon be sparkling on your wrist and will give you years of pleasure?

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