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Watches with Perpetual Calender

A watch with a perpetual calendar. Sounds interesting, but what does it mean exactly? A watch with a perpetual calendar is in short a technical masterpiece where the date is always correctly displayed, regardless of the number of days in a month which can vary and whether or not there is a leap year. As you might imagine, this takes care of a lot of technical gadgets in your watch, to make sure that the perpetual calendar will always run smoothly. Therefore, it is mainly the better watch brands in the more expensive segment that have included this type of watch in their collection. However, thanks to modern technologies such as the Internet and chips, more and more affordable watches with perpetual calendar have been developed, making them accessible to a larger public.

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Wide range of watches with perpetual calendar

In our collection of watches with perpetual calendar, a large part of the models come from the world famous brand Citizen. This brand is known for the advanced technology that is applied, so it's no surprise that this brand has watches with a perpetual calendar in its collection. Because the models are quite different, there is guaranteed a suitable copy between. Which one is your favorite?

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