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The pocket watch has a long history. Where it used to show a certain class or was used within specific professions, nowadays it is worn more as an eye-catcher or bought as a nice gift for a special occasion. If you go for a pocket watch, you can choose from various types, including the hunter case (with a lid) and the open-face (without a lid). An intermediate form, known as the demi-hunter, is a pocket watch whose lid has a glass panel or hole in the middle so that the time can be read. Pendant watches are also still being produced. Thus, there is a suitable watch for everyone.

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Once you choose to buy a pocket watch, the next question is - what type of pocket watch should I go for? At hollandwatchgroup.com you can find pocket watches for both women and men, including a pocket watch with chain, gold and silver pocket watches and the somewhat antique-looking pocket watches. In addition, our collection consists of pocket watches in different price ranges, so for every budget there's a suitable specimen to be found. Whether you prefer a more expensive Tissot watch or an affordable Festina model, we're sure you'll enjoy it for years.

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