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Quartz watches

Quartz watches are the most common type of watches these days. They are extremely reliable because of their battery-powered mechanism. Quartz watches are found in almost every watch category, from affordable to luxury, and in every design you can think of. Besides the accuracy, quartz watches also require very little maintenance. A simple battery change every few years is usually the only thing that needs to be done to keep them running.

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The principle of a quartz watch

But how does a quartz watch work exactly? Electricity is led through a quartz crystal, causing the needed vibrations to move the hands.  This crystal vibrates at a very precise frequency and drives the watch hands or the digital screen. Because these crystals always move at the same frequency, quartz watches are extremely accurate. Not all batteries are powered the same way. There are quartz watches with batteries that charge themselves through the movement of the arm or that can be powered by solar energy.

Whether you are looking for a quartz watch for women or men, [CurrentHostName] offers a wide selection. From Casio and Seiko to G-shock and Citizen quartz watches, from classic to robust, there will always be a watch that suits your collection.

A revolution

Until the late 1960s, when the Swiss company Heuer invented the quartz movement, only mechanical watches were on the market. This was a groundbreaking invention for the watch industry, as it allowed the production of very accurate watches at a much lower price. However, it was not the Swiss who initially took advantage of this. The first commercial success came from Seiko, which launched the Astron in 1969. The Astron was the first quartz watch that was mass-produced and sold. It was also the first quartz watch to win a prize at the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève, the most important watch competition in the world. The Astron was a huge success and made quartz watches popular with a wide audience. Today, quartz watches are the most common type of watch in the world.

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