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Runners' watches

Whether running is just one of your hobbies that you enjoy in the morning or evening, or whether you are a keen runner training for a marathon, a running watch can help you improve your performance. This is because a running watch can have a variety of functions, including tracking distance run, speed, and heart rate. What is the best running watch for you therefore also depends on what you think is important that this type of watch can do. Also the price range can differ. Both for women and men, we have different running watches in the collection, suitable for every desire and wallet.

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Which running watch is right for you?

Do you take running very seriously, and is it therefore important for you to have a good, high-quality running watch? Perhaps a model of Garmin or G-Shock is the one for you. A running watch from one of these brands has slightly more functions than an "average" running watch, because you probably won't have enough with just a heart rate sensor and GPS. Running watches from one of these brands can therefore really be seen as a virtual partner. Is running purely a hobby? Then take a look at the collection of such Timex. This brand's watches are relatively affordable and have enough features to track your running sessions. And regardless of the brand and price range, you'll never have to worry about the band. They are always made of plastic, which makes them lightweight and sweat-resistant.

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