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Analog-Digital (ana-digi) watches

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Wide collection of analogue digital watches

The largest part of our collection of ana-digi watches consists of brands like G-Shock and Casio. If you're looking for big, rough and tough watches, you can be 100% sure that one of these two brands will satisfy your needs. But there are also some finer models, like the Casio Vintage Edgy or the Lineage Waveceptor. Fossil proves that it doesn't always have to be big, bulky and tough. A number of ana-digi watches from this brand are even so fine that you would not imagine that there are additional functions hidden. Finally, if you're looking for a quality smartwatch that's easy to wear for both sports and leisure, check out Garmin's collection of ana-digi watches. Have you been able to make a choice yet?

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