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Automatic Watches

Automatic watches

The quality and style of a watch are important, also when it comes to an automatic watch. Many automatic watches have a transparent case, through which the ingenious movement can be seen. How come this type of watch has such an interesting movement? An automatic watch is a watch that has an integrated winding mechanism that works under the influence of the movements of the wearer. This in contrast to for example quartz watches, which run on batteries. With an automatic watch you can actually see your own wrist movements as a 'battery'. These movements put a spring under tension, which ensures that the hands of the watch continue to move evenly.

If you do not wear the watch for a while, this is not a problem, because it can store energy for several days. If he unexpectedly comes to a standstill, you can manually wind him. Or you can store your automatic watch in a watchwinder, then this 'problem' is history and the watch will continue to run indefinitely.

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An automatic watch for every wish and style

If you are looking for an automatic watch for men or for women, the choice is enormous. For example, you can choose a chic model from Edox, or a more affordable automatic watch from Orient. Seiko also has some very nice automatic watches in its collection. Seiko Automatic's 5-series consists of several basic models, the Prospex line offers special diving models with a high water resistance and the Presage series excels in style.

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