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A skeleton watch is usually a mechanical or automatic watch of which (part of) the movement - the moving parts and the bearings - is visible through the dial (and the back). And not without reason! The movement of a skeleton watch is often so beautifully engraved that it would almost be a shame if it was not visible. Please note that despite the fact that the movement is visible, watches with only a transparent back/bottom are not called skeleton.

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Extraordinary skeleton watches

Because a skeleton watch is a type of watch that has been around for so long, the designs for both women and men are often stylish and traditional. You can see this for example in the skeletons of brands like Festina and Bulova. But besides these stylish models, there are also plenty of modern and special skeleton watches to be found in our collection. How about the models of Maserati? Piece by piece real eye-catchers. If you like it a bit more sporty, then the skeleton models of Fossil might be perfect for you. No matter which brand you choose, you will definitely make an impression with a skeleton watch on your wrist.

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