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Swatch Straps

Swatch has produced over 300,000.000 watches in over 30 years. hollandwatchgroup.com offers you a choice from over 2000 straps for Swatch watches made from 1983 - Now.

How do you choose the right watch band?
Answer these two questions:
1. What type of case does your watch have? 
The answer can be only one of three things: Plastic, Metal, or plastic and metal.
2. What is the diameter of your watch in mm? 
Determine the diameter of your watch and look below for plastic, metal or plastic with metal watch cases. 


Or use the search filters below to find your watch band.

Swatch Plastic case models:

Swatch Metal case models:

Swatch Plastic/Metal mix case models:

Popular search terms: Al, Ag, Asuo, Asus, Asut, Asf, Asub, Asuu, Asur, Ays, Ayl, Ayg, Ayt, Ayc, Ayo, Ayv, Ayw, Aya, Asvc, Aye en Ayy.

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